Reyer comes from a European country of Netherlands. When I heard his remix of Chris Tomlin's God's Great Dance Floor, I knew I had to find more of his tracks. Here's a few questions to Reyer about his music.

How did you get involved with producing EDM music?

I think I first started producing when I came across a programme called 'eJay', when I was 10 or 11 I think. - it was a very cool program for beginning producers at the time in which you could experiment with pre-produced samples and loops. Eventually I started using FL Studio around the age of 14. A DAW which I still use to this day - without the pre-produced stuff of course (wink emoticon).

What are the challenges of been involved with Christian EDM?

I think the biggest challenge is to come up with something fresh with every track you make, but that goes for all genres of music you make. I don't necessarily call what I do 'Christian EDM' though. I just love producing EDM tracks and liked the idea of combining it with worship songs for the church.

At which places do you perform your music?

I've played at numerous Youth events throughout the Netherlands so far, large and small. It could be a tent with thousands of teens, a small bar with a handfull of spectators, or recently a large arena with a crowd of 25,000 people. Insane.

Have you tried DJing/performing EDM at church?

Not in my own congregation yet. But who knows...

What is the greatest problem you see in today's church?

I think the church in general may have excluded itself from the society we live in a bit too much. The more we choose to spend our time outside of the congregation walls and in the clubs, bars etc. and love and connect with the people we find there -who aren't necessarily like-minded-, the more we are able to spread the love of Christ in this world by loving others and sharing life with them.

Where would you recommend to begin for someone wanting to get involved with Christian EDM?

Listen to a LOT of EDM music. Find out what you like, what inspires you. Purchase the right software and plugins, watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube and start producing.

Your favorite software/hardware?

As I said earlier I mainly work with FL Studio to produce my music. I have a handful of cool plugins like Nexus and Massive to create my sounds with. I work on a Windows computer.

Musical plans for the future?

A lot, haha. I'm planning to release a few original EDM tracks in the near future. Besides a producer DJ I am also a worship leader and songwriter so I am planning to record a live worship album. Probably with a bit of EDM on there as well. I've also had the chance to collaborate on some new releases of Gateway Worship and Paul Baloche, soon to be released. Excited about that as well! So we'll see what the future brings.