Eikon is a two-person music partnership of a music producer and vocalist, both named Dave. We've asked Dave the producer a few questions about their music. Eikon are from the UK.

How did you get involved with producing EDM music?

I've been involved in electronic music for years! I got into it in my teenage years going to parties and clubs and then making it at home and attempting to DJ a bit! I studied music technology after school and to degree level, which gave me an amazing base to play around with some really cool kit and learn some great tricks, plus meet some really awesome people. I had some success producing as 'Naive Machine' which was all electronic based beats, where I played some really cool gigs and had tracks used on computer games and on TV! This all set the base for when I became a Christian and naturally wanted to import my love of electronic music into worship!

What are the challenges of been involved with Christian EDM?

I guess the same as in any other music, getting yourself heard and the word spread is perhaps the biggest challenge. However, sometimes Christian music can be perceived as conforming to certain styles, and when something different is offered some people can reject it as it is not what they are used to. Breaking this mold and opening up worship to any style is the challenge we face in this, whilst still keeping the heart of worship centered around Jesus.

At which places do you perform your music?

We have led worship in our Churches a few times which is the only places we have played so far, as Dave the vocalist is studying to become a vicar and very busy! It is more of a challenge to put together than an ordinary worship set, due to the need for backing tracks and parts of Ableton etc. but I think the more we try it, the easier it will become.

What is the greatest problem you see in today's church?

The most important thing for me in Church is interaction and following what the Holy Spirit is doing in a culture of love, throughout the worship, throughout the service, and through ministry and prayer. If Churches aren't doing this then they are missing out on the real transformational power of Christ to completely change people's lives for the better. I think over time, the church has got comfortable in not doing these things, which is perhaps why in the western world, Christianity has been declining, not seen as relevant any more. However, this is definitely changing from what I see in London and hear from friends who've been to places like Bethel. There is definitely a growing spiritual hunger in society, and are some amazing movements in the church growing at the moment, it is just opening the doors to show that Jesus is relevant and the answer, that he is not just found in a church building, but in the body of people that is the real church.

Where would you recommend to begin for someone wanting to get involved with Christian EDM?

Just start doing it, make the tunes, get chatting to people, try and do some collaborations, try and be original, and most importantly try and keep the heart of worship integral too it, pray about the music and worship to it yourself to see if other people will be able to experience Gods love through your tunes!

Your favorite software/hardware?

I use Logic to arrange all of my music, but have lots of old analogue synths, such as the Korg Ploysix, Roland Juno 6, Jen SX-1000 etc. I love using this to create really warm sounds, but also love the Soft synth Arturia analogue collection - they really do a great job too!

Musical plans for the future?

We have several Eikon releases planned - one in collaboration with Darren Clarke, one album of our versions of current worship tracks, and then a full album of our stuff. We have the basis of it all there, just tidying and finalizing all the tracks! We also have our other more house based project Prom Night, where we will be releasing our 2nd EP.