FL Studio is a powerful music composition software. It can be used to create music in any genre. But it is designed for electronic music more.


FL Studio comes with a set of its own sound generation plugins, so it's not just a framework for creating music, it comes with the sound libraries to make music. The software comes in several versions. The more you pay, the more plugins and functionality you get out of the box. At the time of the writing, prices start at $99 for a limited basic version that doesn't allow audio recording, but allows music c

Third Party Plugins

FL Studio allows you to add third-party plugins for additional sound libraries and effects. Supported plugin formats are VST (1, 2 & 3 @ 32 or 64 Bit), DXi2 & Buzz.


It comes with a powerful audio recording, editing, and manipulation functionality. You could also record from a MIDI instrument easily. You could record from multiple input sources, each into its own track.

Live Performances

FL Studio comes with some great features that allow you to perform music live. Connecting DJ boards is extremely simple. All you need to do for most boards is to connect it to the computer with a cable, and FL Studio will recognize it. Pretty much any control in the main framework and plugins can be assigned to controls on your MIDI-controller equipment. Assignments are done simply by clicking one button and moving or pressing a control on your board. You could also assign multiple controls at once.

You can connect multiple physical instruments and route them to different virtual instruments inside FL Studio, as long as your computer can handle it.


FL Studio comes with three views/windows to compose music. When you fire up the software, you will be immediately presented with a Step Sequencer window with four sounds preloaded into the sequencer, Kick, Hi Hat, Snare, and Clap. To create a pattern, you just toggle the squares on for the beats in measure you want that sound to be triggered on.

Need to go beyond just drum patterns and make a melody? There is a piano roll view for that.

Once you're done creating patterns and melodies, you go to a Playlist view to arrange the different patterns into a song. 


You often to need to automate the change in knob behavior such as volume, throughout the song. FL Studio allows you to draw automation curves for individual instruments or knobs, or to record automation with the help of an external MIDI controller.


FL Studio comes with its own virtual mixer to mix the song, apply effects, etc. You could route any mixer track to another track, or to a sub-group.


The software comes with a complete manual for every feature it has. It is downloaded directly into the software, as well as available online.

Supported Audio Formats

Songs can be exported in MP3, WAV, OGG, or MID formats. You can import MIDI files and WAV files.

Supported Devices

Mini version of FL Studio is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android systems.