The track begins with minimal sounds. The kick drum is beating the four-on-the-floor beat, but the lowest frequencies are EQed out. The baseline is there, but the lowest frequencies are cut off as well. Hi-hats, rhythmical FX, and other minimal sounds are added to add originality to the track, but not too much of it.

Preparing for the main part

Now you could do something like a reverse cymbal, to show that you are moving to the next section of the track... and then bring in the kicks to full power. Some sort of a pad or sweeping noise is introduced to start building tension.

After a few bars, the base line is brought to full power.

In a bit more, an arpeggiated melody line kicks in. More drum sounds are introduced.

After a few bars, a new pad is introduced.

The different sections of this part can be broken up by holding off the kicks for a few beats and than reintroducing them.

The preparatory section can be completed by introducing rhythmical FX sound, which would prepare the listener for the "break down".

Break down

This is were the music gets peaceful, as if taking a break to prepare for the main part of the song. All the sounds that were playing in the intro are stopped, and completely new sounds are introduced. A warm pad is playing in the background, and a beautiful melody is accompanying it..

The rhythmical FX that was introduced a few bars before, is now clearly audible.

The hook

An uplifting melody is played with arpeggiated and delay filtered lead. Baseline changes to create a nice harmony with the lead. The background pad is also helping to create a sense of euphoria. Soft kicks are reintroduced again.


This is were the tension built in the Break down is released. This is the main part of the track. All sounds previously introduced are playing full power, the base, the drums, the lead,

After a few measures, hold off the kicks for a few beats, than reintroduce them with a pad melody and ride cymbals, to make it even more uplifting.

Fading away

Arpeggiated lead melody is dropped off, but the melody continues with the help of a pad. Ride cymbals are stopped.

After a few measures, drop off even more sounds.


Most sounds are fading out. You are left with pretty much everything you had in the intro, but pads are still sweeping through.

After a few measures, kick drum and baseline become softer.

The End

Some sort of a swoosh sound that is echoing away, ends the track.