Christian techno is synthesizer-based, pattern-driven music made by Christian producers. It can sometimes consist of only music, without lyrics, or music with lyrics. Many Christian DJs remix sermons or Bible passages to techno music. The music genre itself is perfect for such a purpose, because spoken word and techno music have been companions since the birth of techno.

Techno is a sub-genre of electronic music born in 1986.

Techno could heavily rely on hard-thumping beat it is usually associated with, especially with hard-core techno; but not necessarily. For example, original Detroit techno sounds are very different from the usual dance-driven techno. Techno could consist of many different rhythm patterns. There are many different sub-genres of electronic music that are all called techno, and rightfully so, as techno is a music of technology, and many variations of electronic music can legally be called techno.

Techno is listened to "just-for-the-music", probably more than any other genre of music, besides classical. That is not surprising, because techno was created for the mind. The genre is shrouded with ecstasy club scenes, and often associated with drugs. The mission of Christian DJs, is to produce techno, that would once again be, "the music for the mind".

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