Seedz of Faith

Seedz of Faith is a Catholic Christian bilingual group from various parishes in San Antonio, TX. The members are MikeC (vocals), ReneC (vocals), DJ Storm Serg (producer/vocals), Vee (singer), Jess (singer/backup). Their name is based off the scripture verse from Matthew 17:20. We asked DJ Storm Serg, member and producer of Seedz of Faith, a few questions about how he uses EDM for ministry.

1. How did you get involved with producing EDM music?

Sergio - Growing up listening to secular EDM music. I began to develop an interest in producing EDM at age 16. Spent long hours producing after school as a hobby. I produced anywhere from house, trance, electro, and dubstep. I got involved more in the EDM scene at age 20. At age 22, I began to read scripture and grow in faith. God transformed my life and helped open my eyes to see the good and the bad. I knew that the rave scene was not something I would want to keep pursuing. Although my life took a different direction, I could not stop listening to EDM. So I told myself "why not make a change in the world?". With God's help and guidance I can produce Christian EDM music especially for the youth to implant God's message and Word in their hearts.

2. What was your experience in the secular EDM scene and what made you leave it behind?

I attended many raves and went to different concerts and festivals. The scene was not how I expected it to be. There was drugs, violence, and lots of alcohol involved. Although I never fell into these things and held myself back, there is no doubt I was hooked into the rave scene. I kept raving and didn't plan to stop until one day I told myself that I needed to get out of this environment. Temptation was too strong and I knew this was not what I had planned for my future. Then God later blessed me with my wonderful bandmates as we came together in 2013 to produce and spread God's word and the fire of the Holy Spirit through our music ministry.

3. What are the challenges of been involved with Christian EDM?

One challenge with being involved in Christian EDM is transmitting God's message effectively. EDM has an "enticing" rhythm which is something that can be positive or negative. We don't want people to get hooked so much into the beat itself but in the words said. It is important to engage the audience with the rhythm but it is even more important for them to acknowledge the message being conveyed. In addition, some other challenges we see for Christian EDM is its appeal to secular EDM audiences and its acceptance in the church due to its high-energy, club enticing sound.

4. At which places do you perform your music?

We perform at parish festivals, retreats, praise/worship and fundraiser events. We perform at various parish venues, such as gymnasiums, outdoor stages or community banquet halls.

5. So you have performing EDM at church? Yes, we currently have performed in many churches. Catholic and non-Catholic churches. We are open to any invitation as we recognize that we are all brothers and sisters through Christ. One mission and one goal is to give all the glory and praise to God.

6. What is the greatest problem you see in today's church?

A couple problems seen but not certain they are the greatest problems, are poor catechism to the faithful, both young and old and the lack of encouragement for the young church to become more involved in their service to the church and for building up the kingdom of God. Their needs to be catechists with a great passion to serve and pass the Word of God to their students and continue guiding and leading them closer to Christ, because most of the students go to households where the practice of the faith is weak or even non-existent. When youth become more involved in the practice of their faith, it becomes revitalizing and inspiring for the church to continue to prosper and grow. We are many parts in the body of Christ and each member of the body is needed to support each other.

7. Where would you recommend to begin for someone wanting to get involved with Christian EDM?

Perhaps they can search online for local christian EDM artists. Another way they can get involved is by going to social media and searching for other christian EDM communities and networking with people with the same interest.

8. Your favorite software/hardware?

The software that we primarily use to produce music is Fruity Loops but there are many other DAWs (Digital Audio Workspace) out in the marketplace that can still produce great work. When looking for a DAW just look into the kind that is easy to use, understand, has the tools you need and then develop your skill in that particular DAW.

9. Musical plans for the future?

We just finished releasing our group's debut EP, called Endless Glory, we are currently in the early stages of developing a full length LP with our signature SOF sound but with more unique instrumentation and more features. You can find out more about us at our website,