Making Music

A series of tutorials on making music

How to create a vocal riser with FL Studio

How to take a portion of the vocals and make it rise in pitch.

How to make glitched vocal sequences with FL Studi...

Taking a vocal track, slicing it up, and rearranging the words differently, can be fun, and sometimes useful.

The structure of an uplifting trance track

Analysis of the structure of a music track created to the uplifting trance style, how it starts, builds, reaches climax, and ends.

Using FL Studio on multiple monitors

FL Studio windows can be easily spread out to multiple monitors.

How to apply effects to instruments in FL Studio

An explanation of how to apply effects to instruments in FL Studio. Applies to FL Studio 9, 10, 11.

How to create a drum pattern in FL Studio

FL Studio makes it very simple to create drum patterns or beats. Here are the step by step instructions.

Explanation of audio channels

Briefly on what an audio channel is.

How to connect several instruments or controllers ...

You can connect up to 16 controllers to FL Studio at the same time, if your computer can handle it. Applies to FL Studio 10, 11.

How to adjust audio settings in FL Studio

Explanation on how to select a sound card driver to use with FL Studio, and adjust other audio settings.

What is a soundcard and soundcard driver

A soundcard is what plays sounds on your computer. A soundcard driver is software that connects your soundcard to your operating system.

What is FL Studio useful for

The features of FL Studio and what you might find it useful for.

What is a Wave Candy plugin used for? FL Studio

Wave Candy is an effects plugin that can be applied to channels in Mixer Window.

How to transpose a song on the fly in FL Studio

You could transpose the entire song up or down on the fly in FL Studio pretty easily. Here's how.

How to create a Sidechain pumping effect in FL Stu...

Sidechaining refers to a pumping effect with a lead instrument, base, or wind sound, that is so common in modern EDM. And here's how to do it in FL Studio.

How to record audio in FL Studio

Step-by-step instructions on how to record audio in FL Studio without using plugins.

How to record instruments with FL Studio's Edison ...

Step-by-step instruction on how to record instruments in FL Studio using the Edison plugin.

Process of making music for a song

Here's some advice I got on the workflow of creating music for a song, which I thought you might find useful.

How to load VST plugins into FL Studio

This article will explain how to load third-party VST plugins into FL Studio.

How to connect a keyboard, MIDI controller, or DJ ...

Instructions on how to connect keyboards, MIDI controllers, DJ boards, and other external instruments to FL Studio 11.

FL Studio 10 Layout

Introductory info on how to use FL studio, its layout, and where to get started.

Convolver plugin and advanced reverb in FL Studio

Convolver is a reverb plugin in FL Studio. So it allows for some advanced reverb effects.