Karl Forde

1) How did you get involved with producing EDM music?

(Karl Forde) I have been a Professional DJ for many years, DJing in the underground events and clubs all over. I have been behind some of the most powerful sound systems but being in control of the crowd and feeling the power behind the tracks is what made me wonder...How can I produce the music I play? I bought my first DAW and started learning how to produce. I used different resources and learned how it was done.

2) What are the challenges of being involved with Christian EDM?

(Karl Forde) I think CEDM really confuses people, that's probably the biggest challenge. People still classify EDM with Raves, Drugs, Sex, etc...and now there is a Christian Electronic Dance Music? I think it's easy to be judged even by the church. People don't understand the mission behind what it exactly is...

3) At which places do you perform your music?

(Karl Forde) I perform across the United States periodically. Some of the events include The Future Sound of Worship, Striking Life Electric Planet, The Innerflame Conference, The Horsemans Ball, and Illumination, to name a few.

4) Have you tried DJing/performing EDM at church?

(Karl Forde) I have not personally performed in church but I would if I am called to.

5) What is the greatest problem you see in today's church?

(Karl Forde) As far as the music is concerned, it's been a challenge for the church to understand what CEDM is really all about. I think the church looks at EDM and associates it with drugs, all night parties, sex etc...which part of that is true, but there is now a bunch of CEDM DJs and Producers that spread the word of God through EDM? What if these CEDM DJs are able to plant seeds in a secular environment/Rave and lead someone to the lord? You see, we can, I use dance music as a form of worship just as we can in other genre's of music to worship our God. I think it doesn't matter what type of music you listen to as long as the message Glorifies Jesus Christ. The church should not judge, but open to techno music and see what these Christian DJs and Producers are trying to do under God's authority!

6) Where would you recommend to begin for someone wanting to get involved with Christian EDM?

(Karl Forde) Firstly, pray! Ask God to lead your path on this journey. Ask if this is your calling. If you are being led, communicate with other CEDM DJs and Producers for advice or testimonies etc...gather as much info from the people that are already on the scene.

7) Your favorite software/hardware?

(Karl Forde) My favorite DAW is Logic Pro X. I feel it's a pure advanced workstation with lots of production challenges to get your music on the professional producer scale...As far as hardware I use Traktor Pro for my mixes.

Musical plans for the future?

As far as musical plans for the future, I am just going to keep worshipping the Lord with my mixes. I am going to give Him praise for the talent He has given me. I am going to continue sending out my mixes and tracks for all the world to hear. I love what I do and I owe it all the the King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords...