This article will be based on the layout of FL Studio 10. Here's how the layout looks.

At the very top in the Tool Bar section, the section you see denoted with colorful circles, is a Views Panel that looks like this.

Buttons 1-5 above allow you to switch between different views.

1). Playlist View - this is were you will arrange all the patterns you create, to make a song.

2). Channel Window/Step Sequencer - this is were you create patterns. Each track in this window allows you to add individual sounds or plugins. Each track represents a separate channel. This is were you begin when you fire up FL Studio.

3). Piano Roll View - this opens up a piano roll which will allow you to construct melodies from the sounds provided by the plugins

4). Browser View - this button allows you to show or hide the browser column on the left.

5). Mixer View - this opens up a virtual mixer, which will allow you to mix the song, i.e. adjust individual sound volumes, add effects, apply equalization, and pan sounds left or right.