Connecting Midi instrumets to FL Studio

Connecting an external instrument to a computer software allows you to:

  • Use that instrument to control the software
  • Record using the controls and keys on your physical instrument with virtual sounds of the software
  • Perform live
  • It's just plain fun

So let's get to it.

1). Connect your physical instrument to your computer through a cable provided by the manufacturer.

2). Go to Options menu at the top of FL Studio, and select MIDI Settings. 

3). At the very bottom of the window that pops up, click the Rescan MIDI devices button.

4). Look at the Input section towards the lower half of the window. You should see your instrument listed under that section. FL Studio will recognize most instruments, and list them in this section once you connect them. It is very likely that it will not display the actual name of the instrument here. USB Audio Device (Generic Controller) is a very likely description you will see. If nothing shows up in the list at all, you would need to check the manual for that instrument for instructions on how to get it registered with a computer.

Select your instrument in this list. Than toggle the Enable option below the list.

5). Select a track in the Step Sequencer and try playing it with your physical instrument.