DJ Flubbel

How did you get involved with producing EDM music?

I started producing music more than 15 years ago during music lessons at school. I did a remix of Mozart and I was very enthusiastic. Since a few years I started to focus on making Christian EDM. It is my goal to spread the Gospel using modern and energetic music and provide energetic Bible based CEDM for Christians.

What are the challenges of been involved with Christian EDM?

My style is sometimes considered controversial. Some conservative Christians disagree with my producing and gigs. In addition there are some radical atheists. To be honest, I am not sure which one is the biggest challenge.

At which places do you perform your music?

I performed at some Christian festivals, in churches and sometimes in clubs. In addition I focus on the digital world. Approximately every 10 seconds one of my videos is watched on youtube at this moment.

Tell me more about your experience DJing/performing EDM at church?

Yes, I played my first Christian EDM track I ever made (it was a hardcore remix of "Awesome God") in my traditional home church in Holland. Even though I did not expected it, everybody responded very supportive. One of my coolest gigs was in Belgium last year during a youth service called the "Jeugdkerk the revolution." During the service I did 2 songs together with a worship-band. At the end of the service, I got the opportunity to do a gig. It was awesome.

What is the biggest problem you see in today's church?

There are 2 problems I think that are relevant. First of all, I think a lot of churches (especially in Holland) are too conservative. I find it hard to see so many youth leaving traditional churches these days. Thankfully, there are also more modern churches with bands and stuff. Secondly, I think we Christians are still too judgmental. Sometimes I hear people act like Pharisees. If we all really act like Christ did; and respect and love each other, then churches will definitely grow again. And for that of course, we need Jesus!

Your favorite software/hardware?

I use FL studio a.k.a. Fruityloops (with a lot of plugins), Audition, Virtual DJ in combination with a Hercules DJ controller.

Musical plans for the future?

The upcoming years I will focus on collaborating with artists and doing gigs in co-operation with DJ Syscheck, especially CEDM combined with Christian hardstyle music. Also, they asked me to do a radio program in Rotterdam.