Verse 1

  C#m                  E/G#    A

I was lost with a broken heart

                       C#m                    B

You picked me up now I'm set apart

              C#m         E/G#   A

From the ash I am born again

              C#m                          B

Forever safe in the Saviour's hands

Verse 2

You are more than my words could say

I'll follow You Lord for all my days

I'll fix my eyes follow in Your ways

Forever free in unending grace


C#m      E/G#       A

You are, You are, You are my freedom

          C#m            B

We lift You higher, lift You higher

C#m         E/G#        A

Your love, Your love, Your love

                    C#m       B

Never ending, oh, oh, oh!


               C#m E/G# A

You are alive   in      us

                     C#m          B

Nothing can take Your place

            C#m E/G# A

You are all   we     need

                       C#m     B

Your love has set us free

Verse 3

In the midst of the darkest night

Let Your love be the shining light

Breaking chains that were holding me

You sent Your Son down and set me free

Verse 4

Everything of this world will fade

I'm pressing on till I see Your face

I wil live that Your will be done

I won't stop till Your kingdom come